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We are a local Golf Cart rental where you can discover the beautiful island of Vieques, the best beaches and panoramic views whether you’re on vacation or just spending the day.

With our golf cart you can set your own schedule and visit what Vieques has to offer, from the brightest Bioluminescent Bay in the world, Fortin Conde De Marisol – “El Fortin”, Parque Ecologic Costero La Ceiba, Faro Punta Mulas, Numerous Military Bunkers, the mosquito Pier, Muelle De la Caña, La Plaza, and the Laguna Kiani.

Our goal is to built Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability with our experience in Customer Satisfaction.

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Welcome to Rueditas On The Go, the coolest golf cart rental company on the coolest island ever! At Reuditas On The Go, we believe that exploring paradise should be as smooth as our golf cart rides - fun, funky, and full of island vibes! Forget those boring old ways of getting around; grab a cart and let ’ s roll into vacation mode! Picture this: You, cruising along pristine beaches, and wind in your hair. Whether you ’ re a seasoned vacationer or just a beach - loving explorer, our island ’ s got it all, and our qui rky carts will take you there in style. Our team of “ cart - tenders ” is here to make your island escape a blast! From recommending the best beaches spots with crystal clear water where you can see the fish swimming, to finding the juiciest mangoes in town - they ’ ve got insider tips to make your vacation legendary. Safety first, fun second! Our carts are as reliable as your favorite flip - flops and are maintained with love. So, buckle up and enjoy the smoothest ride of your life! So, what are you waiting for? It ’ s time to embrace your inner islander and hop on a Rueditas On The Go golf cart! Life is better in flop - flops, and it ’ s a beach ride all the way with us. Let ’ s rock and roll through this island adventure, one laugh and scenic stop at a time.

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